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Can Cleaning House Really Help You With Anxiety And Depression?

Environment and depression.

Let start by agreeing that our homes became our surroundings, our environment. Based on that statement, we can tell you, since history and science have collet data, that humans have always look and chosen to live in places that could offer us safety, security, and physical comfort.
From the temperature to motivation, we are expecting from our environment some stimulus psychologically.
So, we are sensitive to our surroundings, and we seek certain qualities in them because they can reduce or increase our stress.
Results from several research studies show that a brighter room with natural or artificial light can improve your mood, motivation, and sleep patterns.
Retail stores worldwide, from a supermarket to a car dealership, know this. They are always making you feel comfortable in your surroundings.

Can a messy house trigger your anxiety?

Well, yes. However, If somebody is really used to a chaotic environment, and somehow it gets clean and rearranges, the contrary may happen. He or she may feel out places in their home, triggering unpleasant emotions like anxiety. It will go something like this.
Do you remember how you felt when you went to look for something, and somebody else in your family has the great idea to misplace it or switch the place you used to store what you are looking for?
That probably didn’t sit very well with you.
So, It depends on the individual’s habits and routines. Imagine coming from a hard day at work to a messy home. Eventually, what we all looking for in our homes after any day at work is a place to relax and recharge energies. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get that from a messy environment based on science.
The cause of depression and anxiety may come from many reasons. However, a bright, clean, organized place may help you cope with these circumstances.
Cleaning always involves a movement that can be transformed into an excellent exercise for you in any circumstance.
Cleaning always involves a movement that can be transformed into an excellent exercise for you in any circumstance.
Declutter your home room by room. Moving or resetting sofas and tables and creating a new space from the old environment may help your motivation and creativity wake up. Get rid of the old stuff you never use. Once you start concentrating on new small goals like those described before, you may feel motivated to attack bigger goals.

Keep It That Way!

Cleaning as you go is the best way to keep your home organized all the time, and it is easier too. Can clean the house help you with anxiety and depression? Definitely, yes, it does.
And please, try not to put off cleaning. Don’t help procrastination cause; it could come back and bite your butt in the long run. Efficiency and productivity are essential. Keep your mind focus on the moment that you are cleaning. Our mind likes to wander around the past or the future. And repeat and repeat that we’re missing something in our lives. When your mind tries to trick you, just gently come back to the task on hand. Do not see cleaning as a punishment or tedious activity. Make it fun. Put on some of your favorite music, podcast, or an audible book to enhance the experience.
Our brain does not like to be pushed to activities it sees as a waste of calories for no reason.
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