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Do house cleaning count as exercise during covid?

Can you lose weight cleaning your house? Well, that really depends on how often you are cleaning your home. However, let’s not get that far. To be realistic, you would need a fantastic daily amount of work done in your home to do that. Impossible? Not if you are living on a farm.

However, you are definitely burning calories while cleaning your home.
And if you are consciously doing household chores, putting extra effort in your movements to get your heart rate to increase, you will burn more calories.

Your diet is going to play a role here and whether or not you snack while cleaning. Also, make it fun. Why not put on some music while you’re vacuuming and dance to it. Or the simple fact of moving your sofa around.
And when carrying heavy items around, don’t forget to do it safely and look after your posture to protect your back.

You burn more calories doing this household chore!

Cleaning your bathroom can be an excellent workout for your legs if you do it this way. Do not kneel to clean tight spaces or surfaces under the toilet or bathroom sink. Instead, squad or lunge down safely.
For your arms, use baking soda in your glass doors or mirrors by holding a sponge on each hand and scrubbing them with a circular motion. Try this for one day, and you will see how you feel the next day.
You could incorporate this to other parts of your home.
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