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House Maintenance Tips For West Palm Beach Residents! 

Benefits of cleaning and sanitizing.

Keeping your home clean and healthy; it is not an easy task.

For example, sanitizing areas of your home with heavy traffic and surfaces that get touched a lot is essential. They need to be clean often as they will contain more germs.

We know that not all germs are harmful, but if you have a germ stronghold, the conditions are favorable for disease-causing viruses.

Another example is that studies show how the kitchen sink can have more bacteria than our toilets or our garbage cans; isn’t that weird?

Well, it is not. Kitchens have the tendencies to poses lots of germs cause we cut meat and vegetables in there.

Also, it would be best if you regularly change the sponge that you use to wash your dishes, which is, unfortunately, as time passes by a germ collector.

Dust ( our enemy ).

Dust may contain microscopic solids or liquid droplets small enough to get deep into the lungs and cause serious health problems. Large particles may irritate the nose, throat, and eyes.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) website has details on what is in the dust if you like to read more about it.

Dust can be triggering your allergies in the forms of:


Runny or stuffy nose

Red, itchy or teary eyes

Wheezing, coughing, tightness in the

chest and shortness of breath


Dust can be present everywhere inside your house, coming from outside through the windows, doors, patios, A/C ducts, clothes, shoes, and more.

But what about carpets? Carpets are a big problem. Several studies have shown significantly higher levels of dust as well as allergens from fungi, dog, cat, and house dust mite in carpets compared to smooth/hard floors.

These statements make dusting and vacuuming a significant action to undertake more often.

Household odors.

Here is another problem household members have to deal with.

Household odors can come from all sorts of places around the home. The most common are mildew from damp laundry, garbage disposals, or trash cans that have not been cleaned or deodorized, or lingering smells from cooking. Unbathed pets and their bedding and litter are also other sources.

They’re found in areas that don’t get a regular cleaning. In the crevasses of cupboards and cabinets. The inside of a kitchen or bathroom trash can. Near the lost leftovers abandoned at the back of the refrigerator.


Easy to answer, find the source of the smell and sanitize it.

Cleaning and sanitizing will always get rid of any household odor.

Also, Baking soda helps lots when it comes to odors. If your trash can is giving you grief, give it a good wash and wipe down, replace the bag with a fresh new bag and sprinkle baking soda inside of it. 

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