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How do I eliminate pet and food odor in the house?

We all like the smell of pleasant fragrances, and we could bet money that at least 99.9 % of people worldwide dislike an unpleasant odor. Unless their noses got used to a particular smell thus didn’t perceive it anymore, this is a common household issue.
To eliminate odors, boil water with some cinnamon sticks. Simmer the water and just let this wonderful scent take over your home. To spread this pleasant smell, my mother used to walk through all the rooms in the house with the pot in her hands. It works.
You could use the same procedure with the following spices:
Lemon peels
spice clove
Herbs with a pleasant scent pretty much.
However, open up the windows while you are cooking if possible, and then right after cooking, boiling water with any of these spices and herbs of your preference would be the best way to get rid of food odor.

 What creates odors?

Where do odors come from? Let us explain the how part first, so you can get rid of them effectively and fast. A straightforward explanation is when substances that could come from organic products, men made materials, or living creatures release particles into the air, a scent is created.
These particles or molecules would enter your nose, which is the only way humans can detect them. Our brain makes sense of them, creating emotions. This is a complex process like everything else our beautiful and fantastic brain does for us. So, let get to the part we tell you how to get rid of the scent you don’t like.

Food odor.

Seafood smells.

By far one of the more persistent scent ever. Leaving a bowl of white vinegar on top of your countertop overnight would absorb the smell.
And if you clean the countertop with baking soda before leaving the bowl of vinegar, it will increase the chances of getting rid of the smell.
This probably works for every food smell. However, just in case, let us tell you about cinnamon sticks.
It happens that cinnamon is not only useful to block odors. Cinnamon scent and consumption is very healthy for your brain. It may be the high amounts of manganese, which is a powerful antioxidant, but the studies showed that the simple act of smelling cinnamon could improve some brain functions. Its consumption may decrease food intake and help you lose weight. Cinnamon targets a brain chemical involved in glucose and cholesterol.

Pet Smells

Pets smell for different reasons, especially dogs. Dogs can suffer from:
Dental Problems
Ear Infections
Anal Sacs
The obvious solution is to bathe your dog often! Cause dogs have oily skin and waxy ear build-up, just like humans, and they sweat through their feet too. For any health issue, you should consult with a veterinarian. For carpets and furniture, the best way to eliminate odor is by using a man-made sanitizer or cleaner. Hair, dirt, and dander require that you sweep, mop, and vacuum. Unfortunately, this practice has to be done regularly. The routine includes carpets, curtains, furniture, rugs, floors.
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