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How to clean an oven door window quickly.

We all know that our ovens’ self-cleaning setting don’t do precisely an excellent job when it comes to the oven glass window.
Here we will tell you a good way to clean it and the name of the most useful product to leave your window’s oven like new.
When we use the oven, the vapor mix with the natural oils from the food we are cooking will eventually stick to the oven,s window.
If you want to go with commercial cleaners, there are many on the market. However, these commercial products contain way too many chemicals. These substances produce fumes that are not good for you to inhale. The can be dangerous for your eyes and skin, also.

Let’s do it!

You guessed. We are going to use the famous and useful Baking Soda. Let start by mixing it with water.
Add a 1/4 cup of baking soda in a small plastic container mix enough water to produce a thick sticky paste. If you want, you could add vinegar to it.
Depending on how bad is your oven’s window looking, you have to spread this mix on top and around it. Thirty minutes should be more than enough time to let the combination work its magic over the greasy window. However, if you like, you can leave overnight to achieve the best results.
Then, scrub down the oven’s door and window, and you will see how easy and quickly the grease comes out.
This procedure is suitable for the whole oven, and It works wonders.
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