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How to get rid of ants in the kitchen quickly!

Oh! Believe us when we said that we know how annoying ants can be in places they don’t belong, like the kitchen.

What are ants really looking for?

They are always searching for water and food. Also, anything sugary or sweet smell will attract ants to your kitchen. However, they can go for bread or your pet’s food.
When they do find food, they will eat as much as they can to later carrier any leftover back with them, leaving a scent for other ants to follow.
That is the reason why you find them making these very organize lines whenever they can.

Natural Remedies To Take This Problem Out Your Kitchen! 

These are some of the grandma’s advice, be patient with them.
However, we can assure you they work just fine.
  • Cinnamon
  • Chalk
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Vinegar
  • Salt

How To Use Them?

The way to use them against the ants is very similar in each case.


Some people just put a cinnamon stick on the corner where they think ants are coming in. However, if you break the stick in little, pieces work much better.



Drop some of it in the corner that you have seen the ants coming in.

Lemons And Oranges

You can put little pieces of lemons or oranges peels in the corner of the kitchen countertop. Apparently, ants don’t like citrus smells.

Salt And Vinegar

You are going to spread the salt the same way we told you before. However, you could mix vinegar with water in equals amounts of them and use a spray bottle on the corner of your kitchen. You can add soap too; they don’t like it at all.

However, besides these suggestions, the best one is to keep your kitchen clean and organized especially countertops.
Here in Maids Solutions Of West Palm, we gladly will do all the cleaning for you!
For more information, please visit our blog’s article How Much Does It Cost To Have A Maid Cleaning My Home In West Palm Beach? 
Here we go in-depth about this subject, and you are more than welcome to read it.
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