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What is the best way to clean and disinfect a fridge?

Clean a fridge is not a fun thing to do. However, cleaning will prevent the refrigerator from developing an unpleasant smell. And let us remind you not to store food in the fridge without a container or plastic wrap. Besides food getting stale and dry, it will create a smell. Or if the refrigerator is smelling inadequate, containers and food will smell the same. Also, if you are deep cleaning it, unplug it; that way, you won’t waste energy.

Let start: 

Take everything out of the fridge.

This is probably the part that everyone wants to get around it.
However, it is best to do it this way because you are not only cleaning it; you are also doing an inventory. We bet you will find something you totally forgot you bought to eat and now it is too late to do that. 
Make sure any items like milk, raw meat, perishable in general get to a cooler. Any other food you cooked during the day shouldn’t be out of the fridge for more than two hours; at room temperature, bacteria grow faster.  This is a food safety recommendation from the CDC.  
And, of course, you have to take the shelves out too. It is the best way to reach corners and tight spaces where you can find stains created by spilled liquid from fruits or raw meats that, over time, can turn into an unpleasant odor.

You should wash all removable parts.

Before doing anything yet, we recommend you no to run hot water over a cold glass. Let any removable part containing glass come to room temperature to prevent the glass from cracking.
By hand wash any shelves, drawer, and removable parts with hot soapy water. Use paper towels or a cloth to dry them out.
Be careful with the hot water and your hands since you can burn your self; it is always a good idea to wear latex gloves.

Sanitize a fridge the right way.

Let’s go inside the refrigerator.

After cleaning your fridge with hot, soapy water as you did for the removable parts, it is time to sanitize it.
One tablespoon of liquid bleach in 1 gallon of water will do the trick.
Again, use paper towels or a cloth to dry the fridge.

Can I use baking soda or vinegar to clean a fridge?

As we explained in other of our articles, to sanitize around the household, it is best to use bleach as recommended by the CDC. Vinegar is categorized as a disinfectant neither baking soda.
However, ammonia, baking soda, and vinegar are great cleaners.
An excellent recipe to use them is to mix ½-cup vinegar and ¼-cup baking soda in one gallon of water. They will get rid of the bleach smell and give the fridge a shining look. You can use the same procedure outside the refrigerator. If you want to read more, here are links to other useful articles.
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